3DSS - Markforged: changing the 3D printer playing field with Continuous Fiber and Metal Materials

Aug 4, 2017
Take part in this webinar to learn how Markforged can help empower your team to manufacture stronger working parts in a day instead of weeks or months. Markforged has launched the first and only printers that smartly embed continuous fiber to create a printed composite part. With a range of both desktop and professional-grade 3D printers, they allow you to print tough breakthrough materials for demanding jobs. Plus – we’ll share a preview of the upcoming metal printer, the Metal-X. Join our 3D Printing expert, Luke Davis, to see how the Markforged line can change the way you prototype and manufacture.
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Introducing the Industrial Series Composite 3D printers. Large-format 3D printers featuring our unique composite reinforcement technology. Replace machined aluminum with carbon fiber. Stronger parts, 50x faster, and 20x less expensive.
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