Webinar Wednesday - SOLIDWORKS Composer Core Concepts - Pro-tips for creating industry leading technical documentation

SOLIDWORKS Composer is a powerful tool for utilizing 3D CAD assets for documentation, animation, and other visual deliverables. Getting off to the right start is critical for streamlined operations and seamless project updating. Join us for our third installment of the Composer Core Concepts Series; we are going to cover in detail best practices and pro-tips for making the most of the time-saving features in Composer you may not know about. Like any program, there are little tricks and undiscovered gems are huge time savers – once you know about them. Join us for an in-depth look into these massive, yet simple, time savers.
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Webinar Wednesday - SOLIDWORKS Composer Core Concepts - Prepping Your Models for Asset Generation

Webinar Wednesday - 2017/05/03 SOLIDWORKS Composer is a powerful tool for utilizing 3D CAD assets for documentation, animation, and other visual deliverables, and that can be made even more powerful, by performing some basic preparation steps to your CAD geometry. Join us for our second installment of the Composer Core Concepts Series; we are going to cover in detail the best practices for what to do with your models after they have been imported into Composer. There are a few critical steps you may not be aware of that will save you hours when it’s time to put together your Composer technical documentation.
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Webinar Wednesday - In Search of the Perfect Install - SOLIDWORKS Installation Tips and Troubleshooting

SOLIDWORKS installations are easier than they’ve ever been, but there’s a still some best practices and technical guidelines you can follow to get SOLIDWORKS software installed as quickly and effectively as possible. Our technical experts will walk you through the software installation process and make you aware of common issues that can occur (and how to fix them!). We’ll share a variety of resources that are available to help, including support assistance from Hawk Ridge Systems installation logs. Join us to go under the hood and get your SOLIDWORKS experience started the right way, with a simple, clean installation.
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Webinar Wednesday - Drawings and Detailing - Night School 1 of 2

Join us for Part 1 (of 2) of our online encore of our recent Hawk Ridge Systems Night School. The hot topic this session is Drawings and Detailing. Our Application Engineer will share useful tips, tricks, and procedures for detailing designs and show some time-saving tools that may be new to you. In this session we’ll reinforce best practices with a focus on getting started with drawings – setting up templates, properties, and linked annotations. We’ll show you how to create several different types of drawing views (auxiliary, break, isometric sections, etc) and highlight the pros and cons of each one.
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3D Solutions Spotlight - Kick the Tires - Hawk Ridge Systems Simulates Your Manufacturing Processes

Designing a product that does its job well is always priority number one for any engineer - but getting a product off the ground can be just as challenging. Whether you’re involved with metalforming, extrusion, or plastic injection molding, we offer a variety of tools and services with SIMULIA Abaqus and SOLIDWORKS Plastics to predict the manufacturability of your next product. Join us for a look at making sure your next product can be made the way it was dreamed up before firing up the production line.
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3D Solutions Spotlight - Put your Products in Cruise Control – Predicting Thermal and Fluid Performance

Whether you’re designing the latest high-tech electronics or the future of private aviation, products are being tasked with surviving in ever more challenging environments. Take a look at an overview of the tools and services from Hawk Ridge Systems that can predict the thermal, fluid, or aerodynamic performance of your products in any situation, including SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, and SIMULIA Abaqus.
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Webinar Wednesday - Design an Overmolded Part with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Do you need more than one material to make your next great design? Many of our SOLIDWORKS customers are considering Plastics with its Insert Overmolding capabilities to utilize more than 2 materials to create breakthrough designs. SOLIDWORKS Plastics includes the capabilities needed to optimize the part and mold design for some products, ensuring sufficient bonding and high part quality. Join us for an overview of the capabilities that make SOLIDWORKS Plastics a vital tool for part and mold design.
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Webinar Wednesday - Sell your Products Faster with SOLIDWORKS Composer and Visualize by Generating Industry-Leading Marketing Content

Give your customers the interactive marketing experience that will differentiate you from your competition. Using photo-realistic and interactive content - put your products "virtually" in your customer's hands. Join us March 29 for a unique look at how, when leveraged correctly, the interactive technical content from Composer accompanied by the photo-realistic content from Visualize becomes a truly unstoppable force. Product Manager, Scott Woods, will show you how to create top quality marketing content quickly and easily.
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Hawk Ridge Systems Night School: SOLIDWORKS Assembly Techniques

In this video, we'll go over some assembly techniques learned in our Night School.
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SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) solutions help you get your design data under control and substantially improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development.

Webinar Wednesday - CAMWorks: Integration with SOLIDWORKS Products

One of the greatest assets to the CAMWorks product is the integration to its SOLIDWORKS counterparts. This webinar will guide you through some great examples. Presented by Daniel Lyon
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CAMWorks is a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product for Manufacturing / CAM Software that provides state-of-the-art machining capabilities seamlessly integrated into SOLIDWORKS design software.