3D Solutions Spotlight - Making the Switch from Workgroup PDM to SOLIDWORKS PDM

Are you currently using Workgroup PDM to control and manage your SOLIDWORKS data? Did you know that SOLIDWORKS 2017 is the last release to include Workgroup PDM? Are you wondering how to move that data to SQL database-driven SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional before SOLIDWORKS 2018 is released and Workgroup PDM is no longer available? Watch this webinar to learn how to migrate data from Workgroup PDM to a SOLIDWORKS PDM system, and how to plan your SOLIDWORKS data management strategy moving forward.
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Webinar Wednesday - From SOLIDWORKS CAD Model to a Simulation Mesh: A Look Into Prepping Your Model for a Simulation Study

Are you ready to run a Simulation study on your part or assembly but not sure on the best practices or techniques to simplify a model? Check out this webinar where we will take a look at a variety of different examples that will discuss simplifying models, using SOLIDWORKS modeling features to fix common issues like interference, and techniques for working with faulty imported bodies. Simulation Specialist, Silvio Perez, will share his simulation knowledge, and you’ll discover some of the most useful features for simplifying and repairing models.
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Brian Bevis Testimonial

Turns out I have an incomplete file that other people have had issues using with SOLIDWORKS. Rumor is it was created on Pro-E and saved as a single part file which is apparently creating problems. I am in contact with the people who own the file and we are trying to work out a happy medium. Thanks again for your insight and assistance!

New Customer Testimonial

I had previously seen a demo of SOLIDWORKS from another reseller. A year later I contacted Hawk Ridge. They did an online demo and the difference was that they listened to me. They answered questions I had that were relevant to my business. They got me excited about the software and that’s why I bought it.

Intralase Testimonial

I have been working with Hawk Ridge Systems for over 15 years. I received my initial SOLIDWORKS training from them. When hired by Intralase, I changed the company from their existing VAR to Hawk Ridge. I have yet to find a VAR that can compete with them in service, knowledge of SOLIDWORKS or any other Dassault application. I have yet to be disappointed when dealing with them.