3D Solutions Spotlight - Seamlessly Hand off Quality Control and Design Data with SOLIDWORKS Inspection and MBD

The wave of the future is electronic drawings that include Product Material Information (PMI) for part specifications; use the same electronic document for your Quality Control as well. Join us for an in-depth explanation of SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) and SOLIDWORKS Inspection to uncover the uses for 3D PDF in both manufacturing and QC. Get the scoop on using MBD to streamline production, reduce errors, and help with compiling with industry standards. Learn how simple and intuitive SOLIDWORKS Inspection is - see how it reduces the time needed to create inspection documentation by up to 90%. Register today to see this webinar and learn all the useful tips from our Technical Communications expert, Scott Woods.

3D Solutions Spotlight - SOLIDWORKS Inspection and SOLIDWORKS MBD Deep Dive

Join us for an in-depth presentation of how SOLIDWORKS Inspection and SOLIDWORKS Model-based definition (MBD) can help to seamlessly communicate your 3D CAD design information to the shop floor or to your vendors for QA and manufacturing processes. SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a simple and intuitive application that reduces the time needed to create inspection documentation by up to 90%, and virtually eliminates the errors inherent to any manual process, improving quality and reducing time to market.