Webinar Wednesday - Sell your Products Faster with SOLIDWORKS Composer and Visualize by Generating Industry-Leading Marketing Content

Give your customers the interactive marketing experience that will differentiate you from your competition. Using photo-realistic and interactive content - put your products "virtually" in your customer's hands. Join us March 29 for a unique look at how, when leveraged correctly, the interactive technical content from Composer accompanied by the photo-realistic content from Visualize becomes a truly unstoppable force. Product Manager, Scott Woods, will show you how to create top quality marketing content quickly and easily.
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3D Solutions Spotlight - SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Comparing the Rendering Options available for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Visualize helps organizations leverage 3D CAD data to create photorealistic marketing content. From static images to animations and immersive web content, SOLIDWORKS Visualize delivers photographical content that clearly and emotionally depicts products in the real world. PhotoView360 is built into SOLIDWORKS, and can generate great marketing images among other things. SOLIDWORKS offers two amazing redering options - now you have to decide which to use for your project. There are very easy ways to identify when one option should be used over another, and we plan to share those with you in this webinar. We’ll compare the capabilities of Visualize with the rendering and technical communication tools currently available in SOLIDWORKS. Join us for an in-depth look into photorealistic rendering options available to you.
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What's New in SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER 2017: Technical Communication Tools

We're excited to be launching SOLIDWORKS 2017, and featuring new features in the software.
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