Webinar Wednesday - Improving Hi-Tech Electronics Design with Flow Simulation

Feb 26, 2015
Electronics system and enclosure design is getting more and more challenging from a thermal perspective - industry trends are putting more power into smaller boxes than ever before. This means that traditional best-practice approaches to thermal solutions just aren't working any more - no longer can you slap in a fan and heat sink and call it done. Thermal solutions need to be tuned to the particular scenario, and a detailed look at airflow and temperature patterns within an enclosure are essential for developing the right solution. CFD thermal analysis using a tool like SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation provides engineers and designers the insight they need, and coupled with the power of the design solution from SOLIDWORKS, you can quickly and accurately work towards the optimal solution. Join us to explore some of the tools and techniques available, and learn how thermal analysis is no longer purely in the domain of the CFD experts.
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