Introducing the Simulation Effectiveness Matrix

Most engineers and engineering organizations have a solid understanding that computational engineering analysis tools offer enormous benefit, allowing designers to get useful information about product performance early in the design process. What many organizations struggle with is empowering users to use the software the right way.

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Machining Chamfers in CAMWorks

Using Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) to define the features to be machined and program your parts is just one of the many great features of CAMWorks that can save you time and increase efficiency when you are programming your parts. There are instances, however, where it is required to define features manually.

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Analysis Services

The Perfect Putt with SOLIDWORKS Motion

For all of you golfers out there, the Masters tournament has just begun, and it’s a great opportunity to watch the best players in the world compete. One thing that always amazes me when I watch the tournament is how they can make long putts on some of the toughest greens. I recently read this article that said if your putter is aimed 1 degree to the left or right of the hole for a flat 10 foot putt, you will miss.

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