SOLIDWORKS Simulation Quick Tip – Submodeling

Every now and then, we look back over the functionality that has been added to SOLIDWORKS software over the last few years, and find something we at Hawk Ridge Systems find really useful, but we don’t see our customers utilizing when we talk to them over technical support or in customer visits. One of those features is Submodeling, which became available with the release of SOLIDWORKS 2013.

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Telling the Story – Path and Label Tricks in SOLIDWORKS Composer

SOLIDWORKS Composer is all about telling a story, whether the story is how an assembly gets from a pile of parts on the floor to comfortable furniture, or how to identify the correct replacement part for your engine. This is an entirely different job from the detailed technical drawing work done in SOLIDWORKS Drawings, but many of the tools carry over. Exploded line sketches, labels and balloons, dimensions and section views are all tools that look familiar from the SOLIDWORKS environment but give us a variety of new capabilities in Composer.

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CAMWorks Quick Tip – Using Work-In-Process Model for Toolpath Simulation

The ToolPath Simulation in CAMWorks is an easy-to use tool to check your toolpath for several problems such as collisions, gouging, or under-machining. Proper use of the Toolpath Simulation tool should be incorporated into every CAMWorks workflow. One thing you may not know is that in CAMWorks 2014 and later you can start the simulation from a work-in-process rather than from the raw stock. This is extremely useful for simulating operations that depend on previous operations to avoid a crash.

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