SIMULIA Abaqus Analysis

Reach beyond SOLIDWORKS Simulation to solve more complex problems with SIMULIA Abaqus

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SIMULIA Abaqus Analysis

Web-based HTML reports make it fast and easy to communicate simulation results and design advice to all members of the design-to-manufacturing team.

Industry Challenges

In the race to deliver new and innovative products to market faster, manufacturers face many challenges, including globalization, cost reductions, and shorter development cycles. To gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, manufacturers have started to leverage the robust capabilities of realistic simulation to lessen dependency on physical testing, reduce part weight, or evaluate the use of alternative materials during the product design phase to ensure optimum product performance.

Featured Solutions

Import & Create 2D/3D Geometry

The interface enables you to set-up your own 2D or 3D geometry from scratch, or read in many common 3D files to perform your simulations on.

Powerful Solvers

Powerful solvers to find solutions for your simulation challenges. The Implicit, Explicit and CFD solver all available through one and the same interface.

Accurate & Reliable Analysis

Peerless algoritms assure to have the most accurate, robust and reliable contact capabilities, to reach convergence for your contact analysis challenges.
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Extended Solutions


Process Automation & Design Optimization

Abaqus STD

Isight is a Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) Solution that allows integration of disparate simulation tools without programming or automating simulation process flows. Users can optimize designs with advanced techniques such as Design Of Experiments and automate six-sigma analysis.


Non-Parametric Design Optimization

Abaqus Explicit

Fast and powerful structural optimization solution based on FEA. Tosca structure can be used early in the design process to determine part shapes for optimized stiffness within a design envelope or to refine existing designs minimizing peak stresses or coupled with fe-safe and multi-axial fatigue methods.


Predict & Analyze Product Life

Abaqus CFD

fe-safe is a strain-based code for assessing fatigue life with seamless integration with leading FEA solvers. fe-safe is based on multi-axial fatigue with composites, rubber capabilities and exclusive implementation of the Verity® Structural Stress Method for welded joints.

Abaqus CAE

Realistic simulation with FEA multiphysics

Abaqus CAE is a full modeling and visualization environment for Abaqus products and offers advanced meshing and visualization of Abaqus models and results.


Abaqus Standard

Proven FEA Technology

Abaqus STD

Abaqus Standard provides solutions to implicit finite element analysis, such as static, thermal and dynamics, with robust general contact and nonlinear material modeling options.

Abaqus Explicit

Leading Explicit Solver

Abaqus Explicit

Abaqus Explicit is focused on transient dynamics and quasi-static analysis in drop and impact testing, crushing and manufacturing processes.

Simulia Abaqus Capabilities

Powerful User Interface

A single Abaqus environment for your pre- and post-processing, simplification and advanced meshing.

Multiphysics Simulations

An Implicit or Standard solver, an Explicit Solver, a CFD solver and many more capabilities.

Robust Contact Analysis

Peerless algorithms provide you with confidence to reach convergence for your contact analysis.

Designed for High Demands

Used by Simulation Specialists, and more and more by engineers to solve their specific non-linear challenges.